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Let us make your group travel experience a fun and inclusive adventure.

When you are travelling with a group of any size or type, arranging group travel itineraries and reservations can be complicated. There can be multiple air and ground transportation components as well as group accommodation and activity reservations that need to be co-ordinated. At Infinite Departures Travel, we can simplify your group travel planning experience by letting our professional group travel experts plan and arrange your trip. As professionals in the travel industry, we assist groups of all types and sizes, and we know the ins and outs of group travel arrangements and booking requirements.

Group Travel

Whether your group includes multi-generational travellers with varied interests, travellers with special needs, or if you are planning a corporate meeting, training session, or retreat, the group travel experts at Infinite Departures Travel are standing by to help you. We will plan and book an inclusive and comfortable itinerary that will accommodate any special requests or requirements that your group might have.

Whether you are looking to travel close to home in Canada to explore our beautiful country or you are looking to travel to other parts of the world to make unique and wonderful memories, we can help to make it happen. Please contact us today to start planning your group trip. We look forward to talking with you soon.