How to Find the Perfect Accommodations for Larger Families

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Whether you have a lot of kids or a large extended family who likes to travel together, finding accommodations can be a challenge. Although lodging for larger families can be harder to find, with a little extra planning (and perhaps with the assistance of a travel advisor such as Infinite Departures Travel), there are some fantastic options out there. You just have to know where to find them.

How to Find the Perfect Accommodations for Larger Families

Types of Accommodations to Look For

If you have a bunch of people travelling with you, the following accommodation types can be a great fit:

  • Connecting Rooms—Many hotels and cruise ships offer connecting rooms – two standard rooms that share a connecting door. In hotels, these rooms can usually only be requested, not guaranteed, but most hotels will do their best to honor the request. Connecting rooms are easier to guarantee on cruise ships, as you generally have the ability to reserve specific rooms in advance.
  • Suite Hotels—Suite hotels have larger rooms which can accommodate five or more travellers. Many of these hotels have the word “suites” in their name. Homewood Suites, Embassy Suites, Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites are all examples. Some of these hotels also have connecting suites which can sleep eight, ten or more.
  • Apartment-Style Hotels—Some hotels feature apartment-style living with one or two bedrooms, a living area, and a small kitchen space. These are often the better option for families who can’t fit into a typical hotel room with one or two beds, a mini fridge, and a tiny bathroom.
  • Family-Style Resorts—Many family-friendly resorts can accommodate groups of five or more in a single room. These resorts typically feature programming for all ages, from toddlers to teens and everything in between.
  • Family Cabins/Family Suites on Cruise Ships—Certain cruise lines, including Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line offer family cabins or family suites which can accommodate 5 or more passengers.
  • Cabins and Lodges—Many cabins and lodges which can accommodate larger groups are located in national, provincial and state parks throughout Canada and the United States. In addition, some dude ranches and other alternative accommodations, such as treehouses and tipis (yes, these are options in certain locations) can fit a larger family. These lodgings can be cost-effective and comparable in size to a normal house.
  • Vacation Homes—Online vacation home booking platforms such as Airbnb have made it easier than ever to find vacation homes near popular destinations. You get all the conveniences of living in a house, and you can find places that can fit 16 or more. The problem with these sites is that they do not own or operate any of the listed properties. As a result, they cannot guarantee their quality. Many people have found incorrect property listings and poor quality accommodations. We have access to companies who manage or manually inspect their properties and who can therefore guarantee quality and the accuracy of their listings. Also, if something goes wrong, they can send staff to correct the issue.

Amenities to Look For

When you’re travelling with a larger group, these amenities can make your stay a little bit easier and more convenient:

  • Free breakfast
  • Full or partial kitchen
  • Laundry Facilities

Traveling with a big family can be crazy, chaotic, and incredibly fun all at the same time. And with the right accommodations, your trip can be that much better. Schedule your free, 30-minute travel planning call with us today to book the right place for your family to stay on your next getaway.